Connecting the world together.

We are an online services company that provides innovation and growth to small companies and enterprises.


Offices in three countries and locations in six

You can always reach us in The United States, France, or Netherlands. We aren't limited there though. We have points of presence in three more countries including

  • Canada
  • Germany
  • United Kingdom
  • "We save 10 times or more than what your retainer costs each month due to your work. There's no way we can ever thank you enough."

    Sebastian M, NetZilla Client

  • "I would have to say that TserverHQ's business model and definitely customer support model should be a platform for EVERY company."

    Korri A, TserverHQ Customer

  • "An entire team of programmers spent weeks trying to figure out what you were able to in a day. Wow."

    Jeff W, NetZilla Client

Our Companies

NetZilla Consulting and Hosting

NetZilla Web Services

Our flagship service. We've facilitated, optimized and maintained infrastructure and its related code for our business and enterprise level clients worldwide for the past  years.

TserverHQ Server Hosting

TserverHQ Server Hosting

Our passion project. Many of our engineers are gamers and rightfully wanted to give back to the community by offering generous amounts of optimized related services at near cost.